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1 - 10 Korean chart June 4th week

1. (--) CNBlue - Love *** 3 WEEKS NO. 1 ***
Score: 926
Genre: Rock
Music: SEIKOZI /
Lyrics: Han Sung Ho
Album: CNBlue 2nd mini-album "Blue Love"
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Comment: CNBlue remains No. 1 with "Love" for
the third straight week. Being the top rookie
group in 2010, CNBlue had hyped up the music
scene with their single, "Loner" earlier this year
has returned with their second mini album. Their
songs are upgraded alternative rock based ballads
with a hint of rap, showcasing their full potential
as a band.
2. (--) SS501 - Love Ya
Score: 847
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music: Steven
Lee / Lyrics: Lee Seung Je
Album: SS501 mini-album "Destination" Track 2
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Comment: SS501's "Love Ya" remains at No. 2
this week. After their mini album last September
[REBIRTH], SS501 is recognised for [Love Like
This],[WASTELAND],[Just One Day]is back with
new mini-album (DESTINATION). SS501 worked
on this album for 3 months after finishing their
Asia Tour. This album worked as a world project
and even the jacket cuts are gaining attention.
American Producer Steven Lee who worked with
REBIRTH (famous for global gold disks) is back for
another run and this album is quite universal with
a combination of American, European and and
Korean sounds. This album can be recognised
and differentiated from other groups for less
electronic sounds but more piano, lived based to
express SS501's sincere emotions. The title song
LOVE YA is produced by Steven Lee and rings
out with the harmony of the orchestra and piano.
This allows SS501's powerful but sincerity to be
3. (+4) 4minute - Huh
Score: 813
Genre: Pop / Dance
Album: 4minute 2nd mini-album "Hit Your Heart"
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Comment: 4Minute, one of last year's top rookie
female group, has returned with their second
mini album, Hit Your Heart with an even stronger
image. Their title track is “HUH” which was
composed by Sinsadong Tiger. It holds lyrics
about not being able to hold one ’s dreams down,
and being different from others. This week it
remains at No. 3.
4. (+1) MBLAQ - Y
Score: 779
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music + Lyrics:
Album: MBLAQ 2nd single album "Y" Track 2
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Comment: 5-member boy band, MBLAQ is back
with their second single album. Through this
comeback, the group is expected to show fans
different sides of them with songs ranging from
dance, emotional ballads, to stylish Jazz& R&B
numbers. The title track is “Y,” a song with strong
bass and drum sounds. The boys’ strong vocals
are to be showcased in this song, composed and
penned by Rain himself. This week it rises one
spot again to No. 4.
5. (+1) Davichi - 시간아 멈춰라 (Time, Stop)
Score: 703
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music: Kim Do
Hoon, Bang Shi Hyuk / Lyrics: Bang Shi Hyuk
Album: Davichi mini-album "Innocence" Track 1
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Comment: Title song of Davichi's second mini
album, "Innocence." The sad ballad makes a
dramatic change, transforming into a punk rock
song. The girls of Davichi become powerful rock
stars, showing off a totally new image. The lyrics
are about getting your heartbroken right after a
breakup. (credits to Arirang TV - Pops In Seoul)
6. (+4) Hwa Yobi - Bye Bye Bye
Score: 702
Genre: R&B
Music + Lyrics:
Hwa Yobi
Album: Hwa Yobi 10th Anniversary album Track
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Comment: Korea’s top diva and singsong writer,
Hwayobi has returned with her seventh album in
celebration of her ten year anniversary as a
singer. The songs included in the album will
represent the singer herself and the style most
people know her for. Hwayobi was penned all the
songs and composed six of the ten songs,
including the title track, “Bye Bye Bye.” The track
is about a woman and her feelings after breaking
up without looking back. This week it moves up
another four spots to No. 6.
7. (+2) Seo In Young - 사랑이라 쓰고 아픔이라 부른다
(Write Love And Call It Pain)
Score: 638
Genre: Pop Ballad
Music: Park Geun
Tae / Lyrics: Jung Byung Gi
Album: Seo In Young EP "Love-Elly" Track 2
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Comment: Style icon, Seo In Young returns as a
solo singer with a special mini album, titled “Love
Elly.” This is her first solo work since she left
Jewelry and it is made for fans who have
followed her since her debut in 2001. Through
this ballad album, Seo In Young showcases a
more refined image in contrast to her style during
her Jewelry days. The title track is “Write Love
and Call It Pain,” a work co-produced by hitmaker
Park Geun Tae and Jung Byung Gi. This week it
moves up two spots to No. 7. Seo In Young has
just begun promotion on this song and it should
help moving up further.
8. (+6) IU (feat. 2AM Seul Ong) - 잔소리
Score: 432
Genre: Pop Ballad
Music: Lee Min
Soo / Lyrics: Kim Ina
Album: IU digital single "Nagging" Track 1
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Comment: IU, who had debuted at a young age
of 16 with ballad number, “Missing Child”
showcasing her strong vocal at such a young
age, returned with a new single. The title track is
“ Nagging” which was co-composed by Lee Min
Soo who was responsible for Brown Eyed Girls’
“Abracadabra” and G.Gorilla of bands, Eve and
Sprinkler. Seul Ong of 2AM is featured in this
song, garnering interests among fans. This song
has already topped many internet rankings in
Korea and with IU and Seul Ong starting to
perform this song on music shows this week, it
rises six spots to No. 8.
9. (-2) Hot Potato - 고백 (Confession)
Score: 636
Genre: Rock Ballad
Music: Hot
Potato / Lyrics: Kim C
Album: Hot Potato "Seesaw OST" Track 3
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Comment: The title track of Hot Potato's 5th full
length album, 'Seesaw.' This song has a great
combination of upbeat shuffle rhythm and string
instructions. The lyrics are about feeling happy
and nervous before making a confession of love.
Completely different from Hot Potato's usual
progressive music, you will find 'Confession'
quite lovely. (credits to Arirang TV - Pops In
10. (-6) Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears
Score: 622
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music + Lyrics:
Park Jin Young
Album: Wonder Girls single "2 Different Tears"
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Comment: Wonder Girls' "2 Different Tears" is at
No. 10 this week. This song once again has a
retro theme. The group has had much success
since their debut with hits including, “Tell Me,” “So
Hot,” and “Nobody” and have even debuted in
the United States while performing as the opening
act for the Jonas Brothers Tour last year. Their
new album includes three versions of the title
track, “2 Different Tears” as well as the English
versions of their past hit songs. The title track is
about the sad and happy feelings one has for
their lover after breakup. The exciting 80s retro
sounds and rhythm will capture listeners ’ ears
right away.

credit to soompi

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