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Padam Padam’s first shoot with KIM BUM and Jung Woo-sung

When I first heard that Kim Bum would play Jung Woo-sung’s guardian-angel-esque buddy in prison for the upcoming drama Padam Padam…The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats, let’s just say I was wondering if they’d gotten it mixed up and really meant the reverse. But here we have the first stills from the drama, showing a rakish Kim Bum with a dorky Jung Woo-sung, and I can see it. (Kind of. It’s still a stretch, what with their respective resumés.)

Kim Bum plays a “4-D angel Lee Gook-soo,” so I guess they really are giving him the name Noodles, and not in a prison-nickname sort of way. (Gook-soo = noodles.) Jung Woo-sung plays Yang Kang-chil, a man who has served 16 years of hard time on a false murder charge. That means he was probably around Gook-soo’s age when he was locked up; perhaps that accounts for their bond.

The shoot pictured here took place in Seoul on the 21st, with the two guys arriving in Seoul and finding it unfamiliar but exciting. I’ll bet, especially if this is their first destination post-jail time.

Han Ji-min, meanwhile, is cast as Jung Ji-na, an “extremely pragmatic, selfish” woman. The drama premieres on cable channel jTBC on December 5.

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Still cuts released for ‘Padam Padam’, starring Kim Bum & Jung Woo Sung

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As previously reported, Kim Bum and Jung Woo Sung will both make a comeback into the Korean drama scene with cable channel jTBC‘s special drama, ‘Padam Padam‘, which will air in December.

Still cuts were released of the drama as both actors began filming on September 21st near the bus terminal and sporting new hairstyles.

In the still cuts, Jung Woo Sung and Kim Bum expressed the bright expressions of being in a Seoul outing as they looked around and held each others’ hands tightly.

The producer stated, “During the long filming from dawn to dinnertime, Jung Woo Sung and Kim Bum exchanged opinions on the casting and carefully monitored their filming without resting as they did their best.”

Jung Woo Sung (playing Kang Chil) stated, “The night before the first filming, I was nervous and couldn’t sleep. The filming was as fun as much as I was nervous and I want to share the happiness of starting the filming with our staff and viewers.“

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Kim Bum (playing Lee Gook Soo) relayed, “In the film I play Kang Chil’s guardian angel, but I also want to show Kim Bum as the guardian of the drama ‘Padam Padam’ as I start filming.”

The pilot episode will air December 5th.

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